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Basic Web Application Hacking and Pentesting

In this course we are going to explain the http analyzing, information gathering, and finding and exploiting the vulnerabilities....read more

Pentesting and Hacking with Metasploit

in this course we are going to explain to you how to hack and pentest with metasploit we are going to see scanning,client side attacks,remote attacks,after hacking,and we are going to execute advanced...read more

Own the Web with Kali Linux

In this course we are going to explain how to use kali linux in information gathering, target mapping, scanning, vulnerabilities fuzzing, exploiting , and attacking the web application in different...read more

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Installing the Basic Web Application Hacking and Pentesting Course Lab

Hello everyone, This tutorial will explain to you how to install the bwhp course lab. Requirement: Local Server : if you are using linux you can use apache2 and mysql server, if you are using windows you can use appserv . Course lab , you can find it with course materials ...read more

Bind android applications with metasploit payloads

The majority of the Android applications are lacking sufficient protections around the binary and therefore an attacker can easily trojanized a legitimate application with a malicious payloads. This is one of the reasons that mobile malware is spreading so rapidly in the Android phones....read more

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