Own the Web With Kali Linux

Welcome to Own the Web With Kali Linux course

this course is going to cover the tools, methods, techniques and attacks used by kali linux in attacking a web application and exploit the vulnerabilities.

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This course will teach you:

In this course we are going to explain how to use kali linux in information gathering, target mapping, scanning, vulnerabilities fuzzing, exploiting , and attacking the web application in different ways and tools.

You will Need:

you are not going to need any other thing because this course is provided with online lab, exercises and materials and if anything is missing you can contact us immediately.

You can practice at the same time you watch the video using the online lab

Course Modules:

This course consists of six modules:

Short Summery

In the first module: you are going to see how to gather the information about the target web application in different ways,tools,and method.

In the second module: you are going to see how to implement the first step in targeting a website which is mapping a website and create a list of files and directories then start brute forcing for the hidden directories and files.

In the third module: you are going to see how to find the vulnerabilities manually and using the most powerful tools which provided by kali linux.

In the fourth module: you are going to see how to fuzz the target url and and exploit the vulnerabilities using advanced techniques.

In the fifth module: you are going to see how to bruteforce the login pages and how to identify,and crack the hashes.

In the sixth module: you are going to see how to create the web application backdoors, how to connect to the target webserver and how to get a metasploit meterpreter shell.

Course syllabus:

  • Information Gathering
    • General information gathering
    • Maltego
    • DNS enumeration
    • DNS Bruteforcing
  • Website mapping
    • Web crawling
    • Directories bruteforcing
  • Web scanning
    • Manully
    • Using Tools
  • Web Fuzzing and Exploiting
    • URL Fuzzing and xss finding and exploiting
    • URL Fuzzing and sqli finding and exploiting
    • URL Fuzzing and LFI finding and exploiting
    • URL Fuzzing and Open Redirect finding and exploiting
    • Control panels Fuzzing and authentication bypassing
  • Web BruteForcing and Password Cracking
    • Passwords wordlist creation
    • Online Brut Forcing
    • Cracking the hashes
  • Web Application Backdoors
    • Intro to the backdoors
    • Creating backdoors
    • Creating backdoors using Metasploit
    • Reverse back connection with the target server
    • Reverse back connection using Metasploit

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